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We Can’t Build the New Earth By Working in Old Ways

by Kristen

Does your brand or company want to contribute to bringing in the New Earth? The Aquarian age? Were you guided by spirit to do this thing? Are you on your MISSION’s path? 


Make sure you don’t make the mistake of operating in old paradigms while you build your vision. 

If your business desires to be a part of the New Earth in some way, but you’re operating under old paradigms, this misalignment will cost you money, time, and connection. 

We can’t build the new earth using old paradigms. I’m here not only to do marketing in the Aquarian way but to bring in the codes of how to do business in the New Earth.

When every bit of our operations is in support of the New Earth, we are properly aligned and the flow portal opens. 

All of the readings, meditations, intuitions, and guidance you do for yourself on a personal level are available to your business as well. I tap into the field of guidance when I write for a brand, and I teach my clients how to do this as we go. 

How did I figure Divinely Guided Marketing out? 

A combination of my intellectual, educational, and professional journey as a writer and marketer, and my spiritual, embodied, and archetypal journey of finding my mission and gifts. 

Working in Misalignment Causes Problems

Let me tell you a story – When I first started my own company as a marketing consultant and copywriter, I was working for money. Not because I was a money-centric person, but because I was new to this way of working and needed to provide for myself in whatever way possible. 

I quickly attracted experiences and clients that taught me what I needed to know to be a successful freelancer – I was actually hired to write a whole course on freelancing. My biggest client after that was a strategic programmatic marketing agency for pharmaceutical brands. I learned a lot. I also burnt myself out a bit writing for brands I didn’t feel emotionally connected to. 

I changed up my brand a bit and started calling in heart-based brands. The first one I attracted (through a ceremony) was amazing. The founder desired to completely change up the eCommerce industry by redirecting revenue from Amazon to charities through their eCommerce fundraising platform. 

I was passionate about the project –  at first. Then, I slowly started to see through the veil that although the founder had a stellar vision, a strong conviction, and was following his mission – he, unfortunately, was too deeply stuck in the old paradigm. I won’t say too much, but he expected crazy working hours (as he worked around the clock himself), didn’t honor or prioritize people’s individual needs or health, didn’t show gratitude in a genuine way, and simply was working harder, rather than smarter. 

As a projector (Human Design), I can easily tap into what’s working and what’s not in a project. I tried to share my reflections, and although he tried to receive them, nothing ever really changed. 

I went to a three-month course with my mystery school, Las Piramides Del Ka, in Guatemala, that focuses on finding your mission in life by working with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The day I started 40 days of silence was exactly the last day of my contract with the said founder. 

I had a deep conviction that although we were doing something good, we were not doing it in the right way. I felt this is why everything was so hard, why nothing ever caught on, and why we were so inefficient (the Achilles tendon for projectors). I knew there was a better way, and I knew I had the opportunity, in 40 days of silence, to tap into all my Aquarianness to extract the codes. 

With no plan, savings, or prospect of work after the course, I notified him that I would not be continuing with him after I returned. (I had left him with 40 days worth of marketing material in preparation for my absence, so I did give 40 days notice :). 

What happened afterward was scary – getting out of a deep journey with no income or job was fucking hard. But almost immediately, I reconnected with someone I had met briefly in San Marcos La Laguna. She had been praying for someone to work on SolarPunk Society’s website when we met. We’d spoken about working together but nothing materialized while I was still working on the old project. 

Working in Alignment Creates Flow

Now, was the time. I flew to meet her in Tulum and we proceeded to work in the most efficient flow I’ve ever experienced. It was magic, and it was also deeply guided by spirit. By combining our spiritual practices, visualization, prayer, movement, etc, with practical, intellectual knowledge and work, we were able to produce kick-ass content rapidly. 

Not only were we efficient, but we also had FUN. We discovered new ways of working together and with others. We supported each other. We worked smarter, not harder. 

I started realizing how my Aquarian (the rebel archetype) Sun, Aquarian North Node, six signs in Capricorn (the communicator and doer archetype), Projector type, and background in marketing and writing could all alchemize into this beautiful new way of working and marketing. 

Thus, I took on the role of Scribe of the Guides. 

From the Tree of Life, I know that when we use our creative, intuitive minds in combination with our intellectual, intelligent minds, and our subconscious in combination with our conscious minds, we work in the realm of Superconsciousness. This is what I’m here to do. 

Ready to bring in the New Earth, in the New Way? 

Let’s work together.

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