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How to Write Cornerstone Articles that Rank on Google

What are ‘cornerstone’ articles and why do you need them? 

Cornerstone articles are the best articles on your site, those that provide the highest value and fullest information to your readers. These articles are usually longer than the others, and are the most important to your SEO strategy. These articles are what you really want to rank for.

So what should my cornerstone article be? 

When writing a cornerstone article, think about what value you are providing to your customers. What is your unique value proposition? What can give to customers that no one else can?

Now, out of that value proposition, think about what your potential customers may be searching for to find you. These are your keywords. For example, if you offer remote car detailing services in Spokane, Washington and you specialize in luxury vehicles, then this is your unique value. Your keywords would correlate to someone who is searching for that. Your keyword needs to be long enough and specific enough to reach those who want your information.

So, if your clients are those who own luxury cars and you provide them the unique service of remote care detailing, what information can you provide them that they may search for? Examples could be: 

  • What are the best products for keeping interiors clean? 
  • How do you keep white car interiors looking their best? 
  • What is the best way to retain the value of my luxury car? 

These are the types of questions your potential clients may be asking. We would hope, that after finding your site and seeing your unique value and your knowledge of the treade, you will be able to convert that reader to a client.

How should my cornerstone article be different than the others? 

This article needs to be longer and better written than your other articles. The bar is higher here and every part needs to be perfect to ensure you get the most out of it. 

As the article will be longer, you need to work harder to maintain readability. One way to do this is to write with shorter sentences and use many subheadings. In your subheadings, you should use your keywords, as well as writing an amazing meta description and using a URL that has your keyword in it. Other parts of your cornerstone article SEO strategy should be using images and including alt descriptions for those images. 

Including all of these properties will help ensure that you rank for your keywords and work towards building your brand and converting readers to clients. If you need help writing your cornerstone articles or doing keyword research for your site, I’d be happy to help! Have a look at my services here.