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dylan underwear.

This women-centric project was particularly close to my heart. Dylan Underwear is dedicated to empowering and educating women while providing a sexy product that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

First, Dylan needed a voice. I helped the CEO, Crystal Truong, find her brand’s identity, story, and unique voice. For the launch of the website, I wrote product descriptions, page content, and blog posts, as well as designing the web pages.

The site SEO is optimized for the search term “dylan underwear” and is currently in the top rank for that keyword. The week the brand launched, it sold out in several size runs and did better than 73% of sites that launched that week.

Click the photos below to see samples.

Kristen not only understood my brand’s identity, but she was also able to bring it to life. Everything that is written and designed by Kristen is consistent and relatable. She is able to capture the voice of the company and tell its story beautifully. Every meeting I have with Kristen is efficient, she asks the right questions and allows room for creativity. I’ve loved building a company with Kristen on board. She has been able to allow me to feel confident and excited about the future of my company.

-Crystal Truong, founder of dylan.


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